Intro Classes

Intro Class students take a stab at each other.

Introductory Fencing Classes

Tidewater Fencing Club offers one-time, one hour introductory classes that allow participants to get a feel for the sport without making a full commitment to a beginner class.

Participants will Learn:

  • a brief history of fencing as an Olympic sport
  • about the safety rules and protective equipment
  • basic fencing stance and movements (en garde, advance, retreat)
  • how to use a fencing sword to execute a basic attack (lunge)
  • how to use a fencing sword to defend against an attack (parry/riposte)

Class Details

  • Intro Classes are held most Fridays and occasionally on weekends— please see our calendar for exact dates and times.
  • Class fee is $20 for an individual, or $10 per person for a group of 6 or more
  • Appropriate for ages 8+, but youths below that age may also participate to assess their readiness for the sport

Equipment and Attire

All necessary fencing equipment is borrowed from the club during class. Students must wear proper clothing: t-shirt, stretchable/flexible long athletic pants, and sneakers. Fencing is a physical activity... expect to sweat!


  • All participants must fill out a form for a free 7-day USA Fencing membership for insurance purposes. Minors must have a parent/guardian sign the form. The form may be printed out ahead of time and brought with a minor if parent is unable to attend, please email for details.

Intro to Fencing Classes

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