Club Members

  • Minimum age: 8
  • Monday to Saturday, during any Open Fencing time blocks (see the Schedule page for more details)
  • $50 per month for an individual
  • $25 per month for each additional family member
  • $10 floor fee (one night only)
  • Competitive discount:  $5 off per month (limit one per family, NOT combinable with the military discount)
  • Military discount:  $5 off per month (limit one per family, NOT combinable with the competitive discount)
  • A-rated fencer discount:  NO MONTHLY DUES
Club members (those that finish our beginner classes or join the club with sufficient experience) participate in whichever open fencing time blocks in the club's schedule that they choose. Members must have their own protective gear and weapon within two months of joining the club (for more information see our Equipment Guide). Club members have access to electric scoring equipment, weapon-specific intermediate classes (for an additional fee) and personal lessons with any available coaches.

USFA Membership (Required)

  • Non-competitive: $15 per person, per year
  • Access: $25 per person, per year
  • Competitive: $90 per person, per year
All participants at TFC practices (club members, beginner class students, or guest fencers) are required to be members of the United States Fencing Association. The membership is required for insurance purposes and is valid for a year beginning in August. The Competitive membership is only necessary to compete in official USFA regional and national tournaments. The Access membership allows a person to compete in official USFA division-level tournaments but not regional/national tournaments. The membership form can be filled out online or downloaded from the USFA website, or you can obtain a copy at practice.  Anyone visiting for one day only that does not have a USFA membership may fill out a one-day-only waiver for USFA.