TFC December 2015 Club Tournament

Our first tournament in the new location was a big success! Thirty-eight fencers competed in all three weapons across four different events, duking it out to see who would be heading home with shiny new medals at the end of the day. We had some visitors from Hampton Roads Fencing Club, the Chester Knights, and even a fencer from across the pond in the Royal Air Force stopped by to have some fun while he was in town.

Youth Mixed Foil


First Place: Evan Hughes, TFC
Second Place: Trevor Brown, Chester Knights
Third Place (tie): Lillian Laird, TFC
Third Place (tie): Zachary Johnson, HRFC

Senior Mixed Foil

December 2015 TFC Club Tournament Finalists

First Place: Meredith Powers, TFC
Second Place: Carlos Hill, TFC
Third Place (tie): Bill Powers, TFC
Third Place (tie): Timothy Armstrong, Chester Knights

Senior Mixed Épée

December 2015 Senior Mixed Epee Finalists

First Place: Tim Vincent, TFC
Second Place: Dominic Farrer, RAF
Third Place (tie): Meredith Powers, TFC
Third Place (tie): Ellen Rolda, TFC

Senior Mixed Sabre

December 2015 Senior Mixed Sabre Finalists

First Place: Dominic Farrer, RAF
Second Place: Michelle Young, HRFC
Third Place (tie): Emily Chang, HRFC
Third Place (tie): Yadong Li, HRFC

For complete tournament results, check out AskFred.

Thanks to all the competitors and volunteers that helped make this possible!

Preregistration is now open on AskFred for our next tournament, The Tidewater Open, which will take place on March 5th & 6th, 2016. It will be a sanctioned event with the possibility of earning USFA ratings; make sure to mark it on your calendars.