TFC Fundraiser at GoFundMe

Since its founding TFC has never had a true home of its own, a dedicated fencing facility in which to operate— until now!  Starting in June 2015 the club shall hold practices in a new facility in Chesapeake, VA, where we will be able to offer a full, week-long schedule of various classes, training, and […]

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The Princess Bride at the Naro

The Princess Bride fencing demo was a hit!

 Inigo Montoya: I know something you don’t know.Man in Black: And what is that?Inigo Montoya: I am not left handed! I’m pretty sure there isn’t a fencer out there who doesn’t love The Princess Bride. There’s a soft spot in every steely fencing heart for that movie, no matter how cheesy it may be, no matter […]

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