Facility Wish List

The club is funding the build-out of the facility to make is usable for practices, however there are other items that we could really use that fall outside of the “must-have” category. The following is the facility wish list of items we could use. If any members can offer one or more of these items it would help us greatly to make this a more comfortable facility! This post will be updated as more items are added to the list.

  • Grill
  • Cooking surface (hot plate, etc.)
  • Sofa
  • Desk
  • Microwave
  • Door mats, 3x
  • Fencing themed decorations
  • Kitchen counter, 5 ft wide
  • Office chair

Items already donated (thank you to all our donors!!!)

  • Coffee maker (Tim Vincent)
  • Computer & monitor (James Newsome)
  • Toaster oven (Michaela McNamara)
  • Fans (Bill & Meredith Powers, James Newsome, Dron family, Edralin family)
  • Chairs (Chuck Swan, Edralin family, Hughes family)
  • TV (Joshua Ramsey)
  • Fridge (John Page)
  • Printer-scanner (Paul Robbins)
  • Clothes hangers (Mr. Kim)
  • Projector (Chuck Swan)
  • Garment racks, shelves (Tim Vincent, James Newsome, Mr. Kim)
  • Grill (Edralin family)
  • Office chair (Robert C. Davis​)
  • White floor stain (Dron family​, Phillips family​, Edralin family, Bill & Meredith Powers, Tim Vincent)
  • Mirror (Nelson Whitaker)