Changes Coming in April

  1. Revamping the club’s website.
  2. Launching new advertising.
  3. Offering separate youth and adult foil group lessons to club members on Mondays
  4. Monthly dues increasing to $40

The new youth and adult foil group lessons shall be offered on Mondays from 7 pm to 8 and will cost $40 per person per month (in addition to the monthly dues). These group lessons are NOT beginner classes; they will only be available to full club members. The purposes of these group lessons are reinforcing fencing fundamentals, focusing club members into a more structured path of improving their fencing, and fostering a more fun, competitive fencing environment. The current plan is for the adult group lesson to alternate between foil and epee from one month to the next, meaning in May it will be an adult epee group lesson instead of foil.